Senior Mobile UX/UI DesigneR


A new world in audio guides
for city tours and museums
izi.TRAVEL is a multinational Amsterdam based company founded in June 2011. They develop the storytelling platform providing heritage institutions and other authors with free, open mobile audio guide technology and making exploring museums and cities more inspiring and enriching for visitors and travellers.


At the company I worked at mobile development department and I was responsible for application design. My primary goal was to understand what problems izi.TRAVEL iOS and Android had at that moment and to try to solve them. I organised research work for that such as field studies at museums and on the street, observations, interviews and usability testings.
As result it was decided to redesign Android application. App navigation has been greatly simplified, 'Explore' section has appeared for overviewing and searching audio guides, and, the most important thing, the user experience of museum visitor has been significantly improved.
My secondary goal was to design Windows Phone application from scratch. It was quite an interesting experience because there are a few good examples of WP applications on marketplace. Therefore, we felt a little pioneers. As result the app rather quickly became popular and was promoted by Microsoft.


Explore Audio Guides

Explore audio guides
List view, map view, search, location picker and filters.
Map view.
Tour selected.


Museum details screen
List of exhibitions, search and toolbar with actions.
Museum Info
All secondary information such as description, working hours and contacts.

Museum Exhibition

Exhibition cover
Exhibition is represented as a slideshow in which each slide is a story about item or a navigation story.
Museum visitor goes from one item to another and listens to stories about them.
The end of exhibition

City Tour

Tour details screen
List of tourist attractions, map preview, search and toolbar.
Tour map
It helps tourist to understand where the tour is located.
Tourist attraction selected

Tour Navigation

Navigation mode
Turn-by-turn navigation stories and general direction arrow.
When a tourist attraction is achieved, a story about it will start to play.
Tour is finished or canceled.

Visual Design